Planned Activations

Let us know callsigns and locations of planned activations, and they will be posted here so other operators know which parks to chase during the event. Please send info about your activation plans to, and also let us know on the Yahoo Group

W8RD, Honeymoon Island (HNY) Saturday, and Caladesi Island State Park (CAL) Sunday – Single operator, low power SSB. HNY for sure on Saturday, CAL possible on Sunday.

N1COR, Egmont Key State Park (EGK)/Highlands Hammock State Park (HIG) – Multi operator, low power SSB. Satellites. EGK on Saturday, HIG Sunday.

KG7EQN, Hillsborough River State Park (HIL)

K4TN, Alafia River State Park (ALA) – Multi operator, Brandon Amateur Radio Society

KD2JA, Henderson Beach State Park (HEN) – Single Operator, Low Power SSB

KQ3S, Lake Manatee State Park (MAN)

N6MRS, General James A. Van Fleet Trail (VFT) – Single Operator, Low Power CW, 20/40 meters

N4VIL, Mike Roess Gold Head Branch State Park (GHB) – Single Operator, QRP SSB/digi

W4OT, Fort Pierce Inlet State Park (PRC) – Club station (Multi/Multi)

N4ESU/W4AFC, Caladesi Island State Park (CAL) Saturday, and Honeymoon Island (HNY) Sunday.

W8RDG, Oscar Scherer State Par (OSC) – Single Op, QRP CW, 20/40m

N4BLH, Lower Wekiva River Preserve State Park (LWR) – Single op, QRP mixed, 40/20/15m


K4LKL, Colt Creek State Park (CCR) – Single operator, low power SSB, possibly some CW and Digi. 20m primary, with capabilities for 40m-10m depending on conditions.