Submit Logs

Note: All logs are due no later than 14 days after the event!

Electronic Logs

Logs from the event can be submitted electronically one of several ways:

  1. Email your Cabrillo-formatted log file(s) named <CALLSIGN>.log to, with the subject <CALLSIGN>
  2. The least-preferred method is to mail a CD with your Cabrillo logfile named <CALLSIGN>.log to KK4FEM. Must be postmarked no later than 14 days after the event.

Paper Logs

Entrants who use paper logging, or whose logging software does not support the Cabrillo format have two ways to submit entries.

    1. Preferred is to use the Web-to-Cabrillo form provided by Bruce, WA7BNM at
      After the contest simply fill out the indicated fields on that form, and enter your paper logs into the provided text area. Click submit when you are finished and a cabrillo file of your log will be sent in for scoring.
    2. Alternatively, you may use the following paper logsheets:Logsheet:
      Score Summary:

      Contestants MUST fill out both the logsheet and score summary sheet. If you operated from more than one Florida State Park Entity during the contest, then fill out a separate logsheet and score summary for each park you operated from.You may submit scanned copies of both files to

      Alternatively, you can mail paper copies to:
      Florida State Parks on the Air
      c/o LARC
      PO BOX 90853
      LAKELAND FL 33804-0853

All mailed log entries must be postmarked no later than 14 days after the event.

Supported logging software includes:

SD by Paul O’Kane, EI5DI –

Paul has graciously provided for FLSPOTA contest participants to use his software for free during the contest. Both sides (within, and outside, state parks) are supported with a single template. In-park Florida stations enter their 3-digit park code at startup, all others enter their 2-digit state, province, or “DX” code. The QSO Rate window has been disabled to permit the continuous display of park codes worked and wanted (171 of them). This contest option is free and unrestricted for all users – with or without a registration key file (ignore any “DEMO” warnings).

Note: Be aware that if you work a station that is operating with the same callsign from more than one park entity during the contest, you will need to add /R or /M (rover or mobile) to that callsign when logging, to avoid the record being marked as a duplicate.

You can download the latest version at


N1MM+ is one of the most widely used, free contest logging programs available. Contest definition files for the FLSPOTA contest will be available for download from this page soon.