Logging and Log Submissions

I thought it would be worthwhile to do a short post about log submissions.

You can do your logging just about any way you want, personally I find it easiest to just jot down who I’ve worked, what park they were in and the other qso details on a notepad while operating. Then, I can type the log in later.

Sometimes it’s easier to just log directly in the computer (like during a pileup). If conditions are good or it’s a big contest, that’s how I’ll normally do it. N1MM or similar contest logging programs make it easy.

We’ve provided ways to submit logs however you choose to record them. If they are on paper, you can type them after the fact into the provided web form for submission (link at the bottom of this page), scan in and email your logsheet, or even mail the paper copies to us for scoring. (If you can, use the web form, it makes life easier for the scoring guys 🙂

If you use a computer for logging during the event, you can export a cabrillo file (a common file format for contest logging) and email it to us.

Whichever way you choose to send in your logs, we do require that you fill out a contest Summary Sheet for each park you activated during the event. This has your location and callsign details, total calculated score as well as details on any bonuses you earned. You can email that file to us at logs@flspota.org, using your callsign in the subject line.

The Summary Sheet lets us quickly sort through each contestant, and your actual qso logs (in whatever format) lets us verify your score, claimed bonuses, etc. so be sure to include both!

That’s the basics, check out flspota.org/logs for everything you need to log and submit your scores for Florida State Parks on the Air! The Summary sheets and a PDF logging template are provided at the top of the page.

Don’t forget to email us your activation plans so we can let other participants know where to look for you on the air! Check out flspota.org/activations for details.


Matt, nj4y