Remember…logs are due April 22!

Thanks everyone who participated in this year’s FLSPOTA! Outside of dodging raindrops, and poor band conditions, everything we’ve heard so far has been positive! Early in the day both Saturday and Sunday was great weather for most of the state, and a great time to be out in our state parks! In-state contacts were difficult, many of us were trying hard on 40m without much success. Operating as K4LKL I (NJ4Y) only managed to work one other park station on HF the whole weekend… 20 and 40m were pretty good into the rest of the country however, with even a few small pileups from park chasers in the midwest. The MO and MS QSO parties also added to the band activity.

Don’t forget to submit your logs for the event by April 22, see for details. Also send in your activation pics, to¬†We will feature them here, and on our facebook page!

Hope you all had as much fun as we did this year! Stay tuned here for more updates soon, and the winners of this year’s event!