Updates for FLSPOTA 2019!

We are excited to announce the dates for Florida State Parks 2019, April 6-7! We’ve also made a few changes that we hope will simplify logging, allow for more contacts with in-park stations, and hopefully generate more chasing activity from other Parks on the Air stations.

Operating Categories:

After two years of experience and feedback, we have decided to simplify the entry categories. The full changes can be found at flspota.org/rules, but here are the basics:

  • Location categories are:
    • Florida State Park (Activator)
    • In Florida, but not within a State Park (Chaser)
    • Outside of Florida (Chaser)
  • Operator Class
    • Single op
    • Multi-op
    • Multi-op, multi-radio
  • Power Classes
    • Low – 100w or less
    • High – More than 100w

…and that’s it! You are free to use any available amateur mode, including digital, CW, SSB, or in the case of 10m, FM. The only requirement when choosing your mode is that it must support exchanging all contest QSO information – your callsign and the park you’re in. Modes like FT8 might make this a challenge, but as long as you are able to communicate and log the required exchange, you can use it.

Bands are still the same: 80m, 40m, 20m, 15m, and 10m. However, in the interest of promoting park-to-park QSO’s between both FLSPOTA stations and WWFF-KFF stations, we’ve included the following two bonus categories:


If you make a satellite QSO, you earn 15 bonus points! You are also free to continue making more sat contacts, and each additional one is worth 1 point, the same as an HF contact. You can use any mode on the satellite, including digipeaters. Any FLSPOTA stations you work also count as a multiplier – think of satellites as an extra band. Hopefully this will provide a way, even under current band conditions, to make more FLSPOTA park-to-park contacts.


One thing that’s been common in past years is working many WWFF-KFF Parks on the Air stations during the contest. To promote park activations and chasing for both programs, this year we are offering a WWFF-KFF bonus. It works like this: keep track of the total number of WWFF-KFF parks you work, and then add that number to your final contest score. Note: Even though Florida state parks all have WWFF-KFF numbers, don’t count them in this number. You’re already getting points for those contacts, so no double-dipping 🙂

Log Submission:

Last but not least is how you’ll be submitting logs. While the method(s) we’ve been using have worked, it’s been a little too complicated. So, we’ve made it as easy as possible. If you visit flspota.org/logs, after contest day we will have an active link to our new log submission form. All you have to do if fill in the blanks to tell us what category you competed in, your points totals and bonuses etc. Then, attach your log file, either as a PDF, ADI, or Cabrillo .LOG file, and hit send! And that’s it!

Our hope is that these changes will make the event more enjoyable for you, and encourage a lot of contacts that might not have been possible in past years due to conditions. So lets get ready for 2019! You can share your plans with us on our Facebook page, and email group.