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FLSPOTA 2021 Rule Changes and Scoring Overview

We hope you’re excited for FLSPOTA 2021! Due to the cancellation of last year’s event, the 2020 rules updates will take effect this year:

  • We’ve added a QRP category for operations ≤10W.
  • Entry categories have been simplified:
    • Single operator (One person performs all operating and logging)
    • Multi operator (More than one person operates or logs, even if they share one station)
  • Earn a bonus point for each out-of-state Park-to-Park contact.
  • Scoring multiplier has been revised:
    • Your multiplier is the sum of FL State Parks activated and FL State Parks worked (once per band/mode). This eliminates the possibility of a “0” multiplier for activators who do not make an in-state contact.
  • As with last year, there is a 15 point bonus for any satellite contacts made during the contest, in addition to 10 points for working each K4LKL bonus station.

Scoring example:

Full text of the rules is available here. Keep up with FLSPOTA on Facebook, Twitter, and for updates over the next month! Please send your activation plans to so we can update the map!