Announcing FLSPOTA 2020 and rule updates!

Calling all stations! The 4th annual Florida State Parks on the Air contest will take place April 4-5, 2020.

We have made a few rule changes for this year, including:

  • There is now a QRP category (≤10W).
  • Multiplier has been revised to the sum of FL State Parks activated and FL State Parks worked (once per band/mode). This eliminates the possibility of a “0” multiplier.
  • Operator entry categories have been simplified:
    • Single operator (one signal on the air at any time)
    • Multi operator (more than one signal on the air at any time)
  • Full text of the rules is available here.

As with last year, there is a 15 point bonus for any satellite contacts made during the contest, in addition to 10 points for working the K4LKL bonus station(s) and an extra point for each Park-to-Park contact with WWFF/POTA entities outside of Florida.

Stay in touch with FLSPOTA on Facebook, Twitter, and for updates and information over the next two months. If you plan to activate a park, please let us know through one of these platforms so we can add you to the list!

2019 Contest Scores

The scores for this year’s contest are below. We received 25 logs, up from 14 last year. The majority of operations were single operator, single transmitter, low power. Congratulations to our category winners and thank you to all participants!

Station Located Within Florida State Park

  • Single Operator, Single Transmitter
    • Low Power
      1. KD2JA
      2. KK1TLS
      3. N4BLH
      4. K4WK
      5. W4WWB
      6. KW4G
      7. KA2LHO
      8. N4NSS
      9. KK4VNZ
      10. N4DXI
      11. W4F
      12. K4QR
    • High Power
      1. NN2T
  • Multi Operator, Single Transmitter
    • Low Power
      1. W4AFC
      2. K4LKL (not scored)
  • Multi Operator, Multi Transmitter
    • Low Power
      1. W4E
      2. K4TN
      3. N4AUG
      4. K4PSL

Station Located within Florida, Not in State Park

  • No Logs Received

Station Located Outside of Florida

  • Single Operator, Single Transmitter
    • Low Power
      1. WB8CPG
      2. K0FFY
    • High Power
      1. W1XX
      2. N3KN
      3. K2RYD
      4. NO2C

Score Breakdown (click on image to expand)